Monday, November 3, 2014

White Rhino Partners Expands Its Executive Coaching Practice

"I am an executive coach who helps senior executives build extraordinary teams – either by developing existing team members or finding and hiring new members."

Over the past several months, I have received a growing number of requests to provide executive coaching services from men and women eager to improve their communication and leadership skills. I have worked with senior executives from Fortune 100 companies and Founding CEOs of start-ups - and everything in between.

Since the marketplace seems to be speaking loudly, I have made the decision to devote more of my time to coaching.  I will continue to provide executive search services to client companies as required, but my goal is to work with client companies in an integrated way that incorporates both coaching and recruiting.

Over the next few months in this Blog, I will share case studies of clients with whom I have worked.

I am asking for your help in getting the word out about the increased availability of coaching services. If you have benefited in the past from my coaching or mentoring, I would ask you to think of two or three men and women executives who could use the wisdom and coaching of White Rhino Partners, and send them my way.

I have a growing list of clients in Boston and New York with whom I work on a face-to-face basis, but coaching via telephone and Skype is also an option, so geography need not be a limiting factor.

I can be most easily reached by e-mail at:

Thank you for helping to spread the word.